Keto Dog Food: 5 Reasons Why Feeding a Ketogenic Diet is the Right Choice for Your Dog!

Keto Dog Food: 5 Reasons Why Feeding a Ketogenic Diet is the Right Choice for Your Dog!

We all want the best for our dogs. And when it comes to giving your dog the longest and healthiest life possible, nothing is more important than your choice of pet food. There’s just one problem: the world of pet food is CONFUSING!

There are countless pet food brands, each with their own set of marketing terms designed to convince you that their dog food is the best dog food. But buried beneath all the claims of “organic”, “grain-free” and “all-natural” is the information you need - also known as the truth. And here it is…

Dogs should be powered by fat and protein - not carbs.

It’s just that simple. But if you need more convincing, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn 5 reasons why feeding a keto dog food is the right choice for your dog! 

Keto Dog Food for Healthy Weight Management!

According to recent data, over 54% of dogs in the United States are classified as overweight or obese! Frankly, the state of canine health is in crisis.

The greatest advantage we have in canine health is that we control what we feed our dog. So how can it be that - despite having absolute control over the amount and content of food in our dogs’ diets - over half of US dogs are still overweight or obese?

The problem is not simply how much we’re feeding our dogs, it’s what we’re feeding our dogs. 

Feed Keto Dog Food for Health and Satiety

You don’t need to understand the complexities of nutrition to understand why keto dog food is the right choice to end the pet obesity epidemic

There are 3 primary macronutrients: fat, protein and carbohydrate. Fat and protein are inherently satiating - meaning, they make you feel full - while carbohydrate spikes blood sugar and insulin, and can actually increase appetite! This is a major issue, because all pet parents have a hard time resisting the wants of a hungry pup.

Feed a low carb keto dog food

If you want to keep your dog full and satisfied, feed them a diet that is high in fat and protein, and very low in carbs. This will keep the feeling full and prevent them from whining for more food. And even more, keto dog food puts your dog into a state of ketosis - a natural metabolic state where your dog is burning fat as their primary fuel! 

The truth is simple: if you want to keep your dog full and happy at a healthy weight, feed them a ketogenic diet.

Feed Keto to Manage Your Dog’s Blood Sugar!

There is very little scientific consensus in the world of health and nutrition. But everyone agrees on this: consistent high blood sugar is a problem for humans AND dogs.

High blood sugar, also called hyperglycemia, is known to cause serious health problems. It can cause poor skin and coat health, itchiness, inflammation, poor energy, nerve damage, cardiovascular issues, kidney disease, and more. 

Everyone understands that high blood sugar is a problem in the context of diabetes, but most pet parents still feed their dog a diet that is very high in easily digestible carbs. In fact, most pet foods on the market are well over 40% carbohydrates as a percentage of total calories! But here’s the good news: you can easily manage your dog’s blood glucose (aka blood sugar) by feeding a low carb, ketogenic diet! 

But don’t take my word for it. KetoPet (aka Ketopet Sanctuary), a research organization that has spent several years and millions of dollars investigating canine nutrition, they found that dogs fed a low carb, keto diet had an average blood sugar of 63 ng/ml compared to 93 ng/ml for dogs fed a standard high carb kibble diet!

blood glucose on carb vs keto dog food

The science is clear: if you want to control your dog’s blood sugar (and you do), then the correct feeding choice is a low carb, ketogenic diet. Whether you feed a raw diet (frozen or freeze-dried), or a gently cooked keto dry food is up to you. Just make sure you feed keto!

Elevate Ketones for Optimal Dog Health!

When we first started investigating the ketogenic diet for dogs, the scientific community wasn’t even sure if a dog could achieve ketosis! But that all changed as soon as we started measuring blood ketones in dogs eating a low carb, ketogenic diet. 

As it turns out, dogs can achieve ketosis just like humans! And even more important, dogs can enjoy all the same amazing benefits that ketones provide - as evidenced by countless studies investigating ketogenic diets in humans! 

For one, ketones preserve muscle mass and stimulate mitochondrial production, which helps give your dog clean and consistent energy all day long. Ketones also optimize brain and cognitive health, which explains why so many pet parents report positive behavioral changes after switching to Visionary’s low carb, keto dog food! And these benefits are just the beginning! 

Ketone bodies are the perfect fuel for your dog, and convey lifelong benefits that no other diet can provide. If you have questions like, “what are ketones?” or “what is ketosis?”, don’t worry - check out the video below for more information. But if you want the simple answer, then you might already know where I’m going with this:

Feed your dog a keto dog food to give them the lifelong benefits of optimal nutrition!

Feed Keto to Optimize Digestive Health

We talk a lot about the behind-the-scenes benefits of optimal nutrition for dogs - things like reduced inflammation, lower blood sugar, etc. But when it comes to digestive health, the benefits your dog gets from keto dog food will actually make your life easier - because it will be easier to care for your pup! Let me explain...

One of the amazing aspects of Visionary is that - because our keto dog food truly is the optimal food for all dogs - we get to work with some amazing clients. And this includes providing food to the canine units for several law enforcement bureaus!

These dogs are true working professionals. They’re trained for years to become highly adept at tasks a human could never perform. They often work long shifts with minimal breaks, and perform jobs that are physically and mentally demanding. 

Just like you, these canine handlers want their dog to live a long, healthy life and perform their duties at an optimal level. That’s why so many handlers are interested in feeding their dog a low carb, keto food.

canine health and wellness

While we often hear amazing feedback about improved energy, coat health, skin issues, and more - the most enthusiastic feedback we hear for these working dogs is about the benefits of improved digestive health! After switching to Visionary, they often have much more solid and less frequent poops - which makes a huge difference in the day-to-day management of their dog. 

And just like these canine officers, switching to a keto dog food can drastically improve the digestive health of your pup! Whether you use a homemade keto dog food or a pre-packaged option like Visionary, feeding keto is a great choice to keep your dog’s digestive health at the optimum level.

Feed a Ketogenic Diet for Clean and Consistent Energy!

The most common positive feedback we ever hear at Visionary is this…

“My dog is acting like a puppy again!”

I mentioned above the ability of ketones (aka ketone bodies) to stimulate mitochondrial growth. And this is partly what makes keto dog food a great choice to improve your dog’s energy levels. But feeding keto has even more benefits for your pup’s energy! 

Your dog’s ancestors ate a diet high in fat and protein, and very low in digestible carbs. They also ate infrequent meals, which means...your dog’s body is built to burn on ketones for long periods of time. Feeding keto dog food is feeding your dog the way nature intended, because your dog’s metabolic machinery thrives on burning fat for fuel!

Even more, feeding keto allows you to reduce the amount of circulating insulin in your dog’s blood. Insulin is a powerful hormone that is released in response to carbohydrate intake. It signals your dog’s cells to take up glucose from the bloodstream and store this sugar as glycogen. This is what causes the “afternoon crash” that so many of carb-eaters are accustomed to, and the same thing happens when you feed a high-carb diet to your dog! By feeding your dog keto dog food, you can avoid this crash and give your dog the gift of clean and consistent energy levels, all day long!

Be Smart. Feed Low Carb.

The science is clear: dogs should be powered by fat and protein - not carbs. So if you want to give your dog the lifelong benefits of optimal nutrition, then you need to feed a low carb, keto dog food.

If you want to feed a homemade keto dog food using store-bought ingredients, that’s great! But if you want an easy and affordable prepackaged keto dog food, we’ve got you covered. Shop now and please email us if you have any questions at all. And remember: smart dogs eat low carb!

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