Why Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

Why Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

In the modern world, dogs and dog owners can be overwhelmed by choice. There is a huge variety of dog foods available, and these come in formats as varied as frozen, freeze dried, canned, and dry kibble. While freeze dried dog food is one of the most recent arrivals on the scene, it's growing in popularity every day.

We already know that the most important source of nutrition for dogs is natural, high quality protein and amino acids. A diet that is low in carbs, high protein, and moderate in fat will be the healthiest option for a dog, and this is why keto dog food is so important.

freeze dried dog food

So why feed freeze dried dog food?

Let’s start with the basics:

What is Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Freeze drying is a process which dries out raw food rapidly, leaving it shelf stable, lightweight and long lasting. Freeze drying has long been used for human foods that need to be those things, for example military rations and camping meals.

However, freeze dried dog food has recently exploded in popularity as an effective and easy way to provide a raw dog food diet or a keto raw dog food diet without needing a constant supply of fresh raw meat.

What are the Benefits of Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Freeze dried dog food is often completely natural and unprocessed. The freeze drying process also preserves all nutrients and flavors. This makes freeze dried dog food as tasty and healthy as fresh meat and makes it a great dog food option for your dog.

And because of this, raw keto dog diets are growing in popularity. Previously only accessible by those who could afford to feed their dog fresh, raw meat every day, such a diet is now available to everyone thanks to the benefits of freeze dried keto dog food.

freeze dried keto dog food

Doesn’t Freeze Drying Dog Food Remove Nutrients?

Freeze drying involves reducing the food to extremely low temperatures rapidly inside a vacuum. This converts all of the water content of the food into vapor, rapidly drying out the food while ensuring all other ingredients remain. Thus, freeze drying dog food does not remove or damage any nutrients!

Does This Mean All Freeze Dried Dog Food is Better?

Absolutely not - while freeze drying raw dog food helps it to maintain more nutritional content than some other forms of preparation, the ingredients that go into such products can still vary wildly. Options include freeze dried meat, freeze dried meat that is processed with other ingredients, freeze dried dog treats and more. If your intention is for your furry friend to follow a keto or raw dog food diet for optimal health, then you need to choose a product that fits this diet and isn’t high in carbohydrates or characterized by other undesirable qualities.

The Visionary Difference

Here at Visionary Pet Foods, we do things differently

visionary freeze dried dog food

All of our products are inspired by the incredible work done by KetoPet, a non-profit organization focused on improving canine health through nutrition. And based their work, we make keto dog food for dogs of all breeds and life stages.

Our freeze dried keto dog food contains human grade ingredients with no rendered or feed content. It also contains zero sweet potato, potato, pea, carrot or any of the other useless ingredients commonly used as filler in dog food products.
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