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The New Normal: Obesity in Pets

How to End Obesity in Pets

Visionary Keto Pet Foods

Patrick Wardell
Visionary Keto Pet Foods

Over 50% of the U.S. population is overweight or obese. And here’s the worst part…

We’re talking about the dogs.

It’s easy to see why humans gain weight. Our world is plagued by the abundance of alluring choices. And for many of us, temptation often wins.

But how can this be for our pets?

After all…YOU control your dog’s diet.

Sometimes the right choice is the hardest choice to make.

The Big Lie 

At one point in our lives, we all believed in a BIG lie. We thought dog food meant little brown balls of carb-loaded kibble.

We were wrong.

And while you and I make the right choice today, most U.S. pet parents are STILL feeding the lie.

Visionary Keto Pet Foods

A Donut a Day

Consider this…

Which is more filling to you: A big sugary donut? Or a nice, juicy steak?

The answer, of course, is the steak. It’s made up of fat and protein. Both are inherently satiating and provide consistent energy. The donut is chalk full of carbohydrates and sugar. This triggers a massive insulin spike which leaves you sluggish and hungry for more.

It’s obvious that the donut is a bad choice. And the same goes for our dogs.

Yet…every day, the majority of U.S. dogs are eating little brown balls of easily digestible carbs.

They’re eating donuts. 

A New Normal

Most pet parents choose kibble because it’s cheap and easy. Many even feel GOOD about it.

But carb-rich kibble is not normal. In fact, dogs have no nutritional need for digestible carbohydrates.

Have you ever heard of wild wolves raiding a corn field? Of course not. But the pet food industry turned corn into kibble, and most pet parents now feed it for every meal.  

It’s time to establish a NEW normal. It’s time to help pet parents everywhere make the RIGHT choice for their dog.

Choose Low Carb, Keto Dog Food.

Dogs should be powered by fat and protein – not carbs.

Contact us today to get your customized keto feeding plan. And if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

Let’s create a world where dogs are powered by fat and protein. Let’s create a NEW NORMAL!

That way, when we discuss the U.S. obesity epidemic, we’ll only have to talk about the humans :)

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