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The ketogenic dog food that cares

We’re dedicated to helping pets everywhere live happier lives. That’s why we’re proud to give back to organizations like KetoPet – a non-profit focused on improving canine health through nutrition.

Since 2014, KetoPet has rescued dozens of dogs and placed them on a ketogenic diet as a nutritional therapy for cancer. Based on their incredible findings, KetoPet is now focused on teaching pet parents everywhere how to implement a ketogenic diet for their dogs.

In helping pet parents in need, the KetoPet staff were faced with a common problem: people were struggling to create a ketogenic diet on their own. Visionary Pet Foods was created to solve this problem. Now, pet parents everywhere can implement a ketogenic diet for their dogs.

Visit KetoPet to learn more about how feeding a low carb, keto diet can greatly improve your dog’ metabolic health.

Visit Ketopet

Helping dogs in need

We are proud to donate a percentage of every purchase directly to KetoPet. As well, we donate our raw, ketogenic dog food for all KetoPet rescue dogs to enjoy.


Thank you for supporting our mission!

When you purchase Visionary Pet Foods products, you’re directly supporting KetoPet’s mission to improve canine health through nutrition. Every purchase moves them one step closer to their goal of finding new nutritional interventions for cancer, epilepsy, and other serious disease. Thank you for supporting their mission and ours!

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