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Dogs Don’t Eat Potatoes: Validating the Keto Diet for Dogs

Dogs Don't Eat Potatoes: Validating the Keto Diet For Dogs

Visionary Keto Pet Foods

Patrick Wardell
Visionary Keto Pet Foods


When it comes to diet and nutrition, your dog knows best. 

Don’t believe me? Try this… 

Go to the grocery store and buy a potato.  OK, now drive home, say hi to your dog, and drop the potato on the floor. Here’s what I’m guessing will happen… 


Odds are, your dog won’t be frantically chewing the potato and trying to savor every last bite. In fact, unless your dog is a behavioral outlier, I bet they won’t be interested in the potato AT ALL.  

That is truly amazing, because it demonstrates the unique ability of dogs to choose their own food.  

And as we’ll see, when given the choice - dogs choose a low carb, keto diet! 

 Don’t believe me? Keep reading... 

At the end of this article, you may just let your dog do their own shopping :)

How to fast my dog

This wolf will NOT be hunting for wild potatoes...


Your Dog Knows What's Best! 

When you think of dogs and food - what comes to mind? 

 If you’re like I was, you think of an insatiable appetite, a willingness to eat anything, and a complete inability to determine what’s good or bad nutrition. 

 And you know what? I was wrong. 

In October of 2017, a study was published that changed everything we know about the ability of dogs to choose the right food. 

Here’s what happened... 

In the study, researchers allowed dogs to self-select their own macronutrients. In other words, the dogs could choose how much protein, fat and carbs they ate each day. 

Over time, the dogs in this study self-selected a diet that was approximately 52% fat and 44% protein by calories. 

NO dogs in the study selected carbs to be a significant portion of their diet. 

And here’s where things get even more amazing. This study was replicated, multiple times, with VERY similar results. 

In each of these studies, dogs chose a diet that is roughly 60-70% fat and 30-40% protein by calories, with minimal carbohydrate content. 

In other words, when given the choice - dogs choose to eat a VERY low carb, keto diet!



Low carb keto dog

These dogs get our Keto Beef Patties delivered direct to their door!



But here’s the bad news… 



Dogs everywhere are still eating potatoes and other carb sources every single day. In fact, most dogs eat a diet that is at least 30% carbs as a percentage of total calories! 

Why? Because most modern dogs don’t have the freedom of choice. 

We’ve talked before about how pet food labels can obscure the actual carb content of the food. This makes it very difficult for a pet parent to truly know what they’re feeding their dog. 

But knowing what we know now, it seems the kibble itself is deceiving the real consumer: your dog. 

Sure...your dog won’t eat a potato off the floor. But if you process that potato with appetizing inclusions and feed it as a kibble, your dog won’t know the difference. 

And that’s why it’s so important to give your dog the RIGHT kind of food. 

Feed Your Dog a Low Carb Keto Diet

 The results are in. When given the choice, dogs choose keto. 

Whether you make your dog’s food at home, or buy a keto, low carb dog food from us - we think you’re AMAZING for choosing to give your dog the gift of optimal nutrition

Any Questions on Low Carb, Keto Dog Food?

And if you have ANY questions at all, let us know! We’re happy to create a detailed keto feeding plan for YOUR dog. 

 Email us at or reach out in the comments below :)


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