How to Fast Your Dog

How to Fast Your Dog

Visionary Keto Pet Foods

Patrick Wardell
Visionary Keto Pet Foods


Here’s how most of my mornings go…

I wake up. Drink coffee. And feed Kobe - my adorable Irish Setter.


How to fast my dog

I told you he was adorable...


But sometimes...I don’t feed Kobe. 


Because I - like many Visionary pet parents - choose to give Kobe the amazing benefits of fasting. 

Why Fast your Dog? 

We’ve all heard the benefits of fasting before. Here are a few scientifically-backed highlights: 

1. Enhanced immune function 

2. Reduced insulin and increased ketones 

3. Increased autophagy (the clean-up of old or damaged cells) 

In the field of nutrition - where no one can agree on anything - fasting is the one thing that everyone recommends. 

In fact, fasting has been extensively studied across a wide range of animals. And all of these studies say the same thing: 

Fasting supports optimal health and longevity. 

But I didn’t write this to talk about the benefits of fasting. You already know that fasting is great. 

 This is about how to fast your dog. So let’s get to it...

Low carb keto dog

Kobe is EXTRA excited for this next part!



How to Fast Your Dog

There’s only ONE reason a human chooses not to fast. 

Because it’s hard.

And if you eat a high carb diet, then yes. Fasting is going to be TOUGH. 

But if you’re fat-adapted and burning ketones, you’ll find that fasting is an easy addition to your lifestyle.

And the same goes for our dogs...

That’s why the first step to fasting your dog is to optimize their nutrition.

Step 1: Feed your dog a keto, low carb diet.

If you feed Visionary Pet - that’s great! You’re feeding a diet that’s very low carb, high fat, and moderate protein.

If you make your dog’s diet at home - that’s amazing! We don’t know how you do it every single day, but we applaud you for being a Visionary pet parent in your own way! 

Either way, your dog is now fat-adapted and ready to fast!


Keto Dog Ready to Fast

This keto powered dog is READY to fast! 




Step 2: Feed your dog ONE MEAL per day. 

Tell me if you’ve heard this before…

“Dogs have very small stomachs. That’s why you MUST split their food into 2 or more meals per day”

The Mythbusters might have an episode on this one. But I’ll save you the time…

This is not true.

Unless your dog is actually a platypus, there is NOTHING WRONG with feeding your dog one meal a day.

In fact - if you’re goal is to give your dog the benefits of a 24 hour fast - feeding one meal that day is the perfect way to do it. 


If your dog is highly active, you may want to split their food into two meals - especially on days with higher physical activity. 

For highly active dogs, two meals is perfectly fine. 

Just remember…

To implement a 24 hour fast, you don’t need to reduce their daily calories. You simply need to feed their daily calories in ONE meal on that day.  

Step 3: Allow Your Dog to Selectively Feed

OK. You did it. 

You transitioned your dog to a keto, low carb diet. 

You feed one meal on fasting days to incorporate the benefits of a 24 hour fasting window. 

And now, you’re ready to fully optimize your dog’s fasting benefits! Here’s what you have to do…


Well...OK. it’s a little more than that. 

You need to allow your dog to selectively feed.

Many dogs choose to miss meals from time to time. You simply need to let them. 

For example, Kobe usually gets two meals per day. One in the morning before his epic hill runs. And one more at night.

However, once or twice a week, Kobe will decide to miss a meal.

It’s amazing. 

Kobe intentionally decides to go 24 hours without food. And in doing so, he unlocks the benefits of a 24 hour fast.


Keto Dog Ready to Fast

Kobe in action during a 24-hour fast!




And he’s not alone in this behavior. Many dogs choose to selectively feed. It’s our responsibility as pet parents to monitor their food and allow them to fast when their body needs it. 

So the next time your dog ignores a meal, don’t be alarmed. Allow them up to 24 hours to fast. Then, give them some gentle encouragement to eat again. 

Any Questions on Fasting Your Dog? 

We’re here to help!

Email us at or let us know in the comments below.




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