Dog Ownership and Cardiovascular Health!

Dog Ownership and Cardiovascular Health

By Patrick Wardell

It’s no secret that having a dog makes life better.

But what if being a loving pet parent to your dog can actually improve your health?

Well...a new study from the Mayo Clinic says just that!

According to the study, owning a dog is positively correlated with markers of cardiovascular health!

Check out the full story below...

Dogs and heart health

These two doggos may be great for your heart health!

The Overwhelming Importance of Cardiovascular Health

I know two things about cardiovascular health…

1. Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide

2. As with any disease, the best course of action is prevention

So the question becomes…

What can we do to improve our heart health and prevent the development of cardiovascular disease?

Well, on the one hand we can avoid behaviors that are linked with poor cardiovascular health. These include smoking, heavy drinking, and physical inactivity. 

And on the other hand, we can do things that are positively linked with cardiovascular health. These include optimal nutrition, regular exercise, and of favorite new addition to the list…

Having a dog :)

Keto dog food from Visionary Pet

Give your dog the gift of a low carb, keto diet!

Dogs and Cardiovascular Health

In 2013, researchers at the Mayo Clinic set out to investigate potential correlations between dog ownership and cardiovascular health. 

And just hearing that sentence, I think we’re all hoping for the same outcome from this study.

Here’s the good news. Go ahead and celebrate.

Because this study concluded that there is a positive correlation between dog ownership and cardiovascular health!

The Study: Dog Ownership and Cardiovascular Health

Over 1700 people were included in this study. They ranged from 25 to 64 years old, with no history of cardiovascular disease. 

Researchers compared CVD risk factors, markers of cardiovascular health, and pet ownership. Among pet owners, they further grouped participants as dog owners specifically. 

The Results: Dog Ownership Positively Correlates with Cardiovascular Health 

Compared to non-pet owners, the dog owners were more likely to score better in physical activity, diet, and ideal blood glucose. They also reported lower levels of smoking. This resulted in a significantly better score of cardiovascular health when compared to non-pet owners. 

Compared to owners with other pets, dog owners showed better scores in physical activity and diet. This also held true for comparisons with dog owners and specific pet groups in the study. 

Overall, the study indicated that dog owners were more likely to exhibit behaviors that correlated with better cardiovascular health - especially in regards to diet and exercise

This translated to improved cardiovascular health in dog owners compared to other groups!

Dog ownership and cardiovascular disease

Dogs and Heart Health

As pet parents, dogs hold a special place in our hearts. It also seems that our hearts may literally be stronger because of our dogs!

But what do YOU think? 

Do you think having a dog has been positive for your cardiovascular health? Let us know!

Email us at or let us know in the comments below!

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