Here's a REAL Nutrition Label

Picture this…

You’re at the grocery store and find what looks to be your NEW FAVORITE snack. You scan the package for a nutrition label but…

It’s gone.

Instead, you find a confusing list of macronutrients by percentage weight. And even worse: the carbohydrate content is…(GASP)…NOT LISTED.

This situation is UNACCEPTABLE for humans. So why do we allow it for our pets?

The Secret Life of Pet…Food Labels

Have you ever looked at a bag of dog food and wondered:

“What is all this stuff?”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If we had it our way, ALL dog food labels would look like THIS:

Keto Dog Food and Healthy Dog FoodIt's Perfect. Calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein - all outlined clearly.

This is how nutrition labels look for every human food. But not for our pets. Instead, we get deceptive wording and a “Guaranteed Analysis” - where the only thing guaranteed is confusion.

No. More. 

It’s time to Think Differently about Pet Food.

What we feed our dogs matters. We should feel as comfortable and confident about what we feed dogs as the food we feed ourselves.

And while we at Visionary Pet may be required to list some of the same confusing information as everyone else, we certainly won’t hold back when it comes to giving you the INFORMATION that MATTERS.

Shop now and check out what a REAL nutrition label looks like.

And while you're at it, take $10 OFF your next order using code 'calorie10' at checkout :)


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