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The BEST Diet for your Dog

By Patrick Wardell

We’ve all heard about “ancestral” diets for humans. 

From the carnivore crowd to the paleo people, much is said about the benefits of eating more like our hunter-gatherer ancestors. And here’s the interesting thing... 

They’re mostly right. 

We should eat a diet of real food and minimal processed junk. These diets are often very low in digestible carbs and in many cases ketogenic. 

We don’t have to search hard to find real evidence that a ketogenic diet is beneficial for humans. And if you do eat a more ancestral diet, you don’t have to change much to make that diet ketogenic. 

So yes, many paleo or carnivore diet plans can make sense for humans. You just need to make sure you’re keeping carbs low and getting all essential nutrients. 

But here’s the more interesting thing...

Ancestral diets make the most sense for our dogs. 

Best diet for my dog

The Grey Wolves of Alaska. The Dingoes of Australia. The Wild Dogs of Africa. What do all of these animals have in common? 

For one, they’re all members of the canid family and closely related to domestic dogs. But also…

They all eat a ketogenic diet.

These close relatives of the dog show us exactly what a dog should eat. So it’s no surprise that these dogs choose to eat very low carb, ketogenic diets.

What makes their diets ketogenic? Simple...

1. They eat mostly meat

Wolves eat large mammals like deer, elk, bison or moose. The Wild Dogs of Africa hunt wildebeest, warthogs, rodents, and birds. And Dingoes, by far the most opportunistic of the bunch, eat just about any animal they can find - including rabbits, wallabies, and kangaroos. 

All of these dogs will occasionally eat plants and foliage. However, their carbohydrate intake is extremely low all year round - accounting for less than 5% of their diets. 

Best food for dogs

 Pictured: A VERY low carb wildabeest

2. They fast for long periods of time

As you know, wild animals don’t have the convenience of a grocery store. Thus, they often go long periods of time without eating. 

Sound familiar? 

It should. These animals are fasting. 

They all often go several days without eating, then consume a massive feast. In fact, after a long fast - the Grey Wolf can eat over 20lbs of meat in one day! 

During these long periods of fasting, blood glucose is low and ketones are high. In other words, these close relatives of the domestic dog spend most of their lives in ketosis

And just like the lucky dogs that eat Visionary Pet, these animals get all the benefits of optimal canine nutrition!

Best dog food

This happy guy eats Keto Dog Food from Visionary Pet!

Here are some phrases you may have heard… 

- Grain-Free Dog Food.

- Premium Dog Food.

- Only the finest ingredients. 

If you hear these phrases…Run. 

They tell you nothing about the nutritional quality of the food. And this is a shame, because here’s the simple truth...

The most important choice you make for your dog is their food.

You can walk your dog 3 times a day. You can shower them with love and affection. You can buy all the toys in the world.

These are all wonderful things that will certainly improve your dog’s life. But if you neglect your dog’s nutrition, nothing else really matters.

Give your dog the gift of optimal nutrition. Feed them right with a low carb, ketogenic diet. 

The easiest way is with Visionary Pet Food. But if you make your dog’s food at home, that’s amazing too!

Either way, we’re here to help. If you need any help getting started with a keto diet for your dog - contact us today.

Your dog’s nutrition matters. Make the switch to a low carb, ketogenic diet today.

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