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Freedom from Carbs!

Freedom From Carbs!

Visionary Keto Pet Foods

Patrick Wardell 

Visionary Keto Pet Foods

“Animal Machines”

That’s the term Ruth Harrison used to title her 1964 book – which describes the cruel treatment of farm animals.  

In response to her eye-opening work, the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare were developed. These Five Freedoms are now an internationally accepted set of standards for the humane treatment of animals.

1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst

2. Freedom from Discomfort

3. Freedom from Pain, Injury, and Disease

4. Freedom to Express Normal Behavior; and

5. Freedom from Fear and Distress

It’s clear that all dogs deserve these five essential freedoms. But Visionary Pet Parents know there’s one HUGLEY important item missing from this list…


And yes, we mean ALL carbs. In fact, dogs have NO NUTRITIONAL NEED for dietary CARBOHYDRATES. They can get everything they need from fat and protein alone.

That’s why all Visionary meals are high fat, moderate protein, and VERY low carb. And that’s why you’re making the BEST choice for your dog.  

But you might be thinking, “If this is true, why does every pet store have aisle after aisle of CARB-loaded food?”

It’s simple….

These foods are CHEAP to make and EASY to use. And if we cared about maximizing production and profits, we’d make this food too! 

But here’s the thing…we’re not in the business of dog food. We’re in the business of OPTIMAL NUTRITION.

Optimal Nutrition for dogs

Your Dog. Your Choice.

We’ll never argue that OPTIMAL nutrition is the easier choice. Because it’s not.

That’s what makes YOU and all Visionary Pet parents SO AMAZING.

In a world of misleading labels and carb-loaded food, you go against the grain (literally) and make the BEST choice for your dog.

Low Carb for All Dogs!

All dogs deserve freedom from carbs and the benefits of optimal nutrition! Help us spread the word and encourage more pet parents to feed a low carb, keto diet.

To help get them started, new Visionary pet parents can use code ‘calorie10’ to receive $10 off their first order.

And if you or your fellow pet parents have any questions at all – we’re always here to help! Contact us below with any questions or help with customized feeding plans :)

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