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We Feed Less. You Should Too.

We Feed Less. You Should Too. 

Visionary Keto Pet Foods

Patrick Wardell
Visionary Keto Pet Foods

There’s only one thing separating your dog from poor health and disease.


That’s right. When it comes to nutrition, you’re in charge. And as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

So what can you do to make sure your dog is supported by optimal nutrition?

Well, you can feed them a very low carb, keto diet of course. But let’s go one step further…

Let’s say you’re already an enlightened pet parent. You did the work to discover keto, you found Visionary Pet, and now you’re thinking – what more can I do to give my dog the best?

The answer is simple…

Control your dog’s calories.

Control your dog’s calories

While the nutrition world often can’t agree on anything, almost all experts agree on controlling calories. In fact, studies have been conducted across a wide range of species that support the idea of controlling calories to improve health and longevity.

One 14-year study showed that dogs fed a calorie-restricted diet lived a median of 1.8 years more than dogs that were allowed to eat more. Data from this study also suggest that controlling calories can reduce or slow the development of diseases like osteoarthritis.

But while studies like this make controlling calories an obvious choice, the reality of being a pet parent can be a much different story.

How do we control our dog’s calories without causing hunger or begging behavior?

Feed a Low Carb, High Fat Diet

When it comes to feeling full, fat and protein are key. Eating a high fat, moderate protein meal will leave your dog full and satisfied. As long as you do one thing: Keep carbs low!

Not only are carbs weakly effective at satisfying hunger – consuming carbs can actually INCREASE your dog’s appetite. This is because ingesting carbs can cause the release of insulin, a powerful hormone that can stimulate appetite.

So there we have it. Taking all this into account, here are 2 simple ways to improve your dog’s nutrition:

1. Feed a high fat, moderate protein, very low carb diet. We can think of one brand of keto dog food in particular :)


2. Only feed your dog enough calories to maintain their ideal weight. This includes treats.

Ready to become a Visionary Pet Parent?

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