Dogs are SUPER Athletes

Dogs are Fat-Fueled SUPER Athletes

Dogs are Fat-Fueled SUPER Athletes


Patrick Wardell

Visionary Keto Pet Foods

In 1925, the small town of Nome, Alaska was hit with a DEADLY outbreak of Diptheria. 

They desperately needed an anti-toxin serum to stop the epidemic. There was just one problem…

NO planes or ships could reach Nome. 

The weather was too extreme. So they had just one option: 

Transport the serum via a relay of sled dogs.

The teams would need to travel over 670 miles through blinding snowstorms and extreme temperatures that dipped below -60o F.

It was called a death wish. An impossible mission.

They did it in just 5 and ½ days

So how did these dogs complete such an IMPOSSIBLE feat of endurance? And how can YOUR dog run for hours and hours without getting tired?

It’s simple. Dogs are SUPER ATHLETES.

And here’s why…


Image by Denise coyle from Pixabay
Image by Wolfgang Zimmel from Pixabay

Food is Energy 

Quick question: How do you turn food into energy?

Some would say magic. But here’s a simpler way to think about it…

When food hits your stomach, it’s broken down into the most basic food units. These units are transported into your cells, where tiny robots go to work, turning these food units into energy.

OK…now replace tiny robots with “mitochondria” and you’ve got the REAL story.

Mitochondria are the reason we can turn food into energy. No matter what you eat, or where it comes from, the ability to turn food into energy depends on ONE thing: your mitochondria.

THEY are the tiny robots.

So imagine how much MORE you could do with MORE mitochondria!

And then prepare to be jealous of your dog…because they have over 70% more mitochondria than you. 


More Mitochondria = More Power

If humans had as many mitochondria per cell as dogs do, it would fundamentally change the limits of human endurance.

Records would be shattered. Fatigue would be a relic of the past. The world would rejoice in peaceful unity...

OK…maybe not that last part. But still, it would be a monumental change.

Dogs’ increased mitochondria means that they can convert food into energy at a significantly higher rate. 

But it also gives them a fuel advantage: they can more efficiently burn fat!

Dogs can burn fat more efficiently

The Fat Advantage

You’ve heard this first part before. Here is the traditional model of exercise metabolism.

1. As you start to exercise, your body burns carbs.

2. Your carb stores run out and you begin to fatigue.

3. You then burn fat until you fatigue to exhaustion.

This is what you’ve been told your whole life. And in many cases, it’s true.   

But sometimes it’s not.

Studies on sled dogs have shown that dogs can flip this model on its head. During (crazy, ridiculously long) endurance races, they mobilize and burn fat as their primary fuel source.

And they don’t get tired. Seriously…

These dogs can run more than 100 miles in a day. Sleep. Wake up. And do it again.

All because they have a FAT advantage. 

Which makes me think…Have I been (somehow) underestimating the power of a low carb, keto diet for dogs?

low carb, keto diet for dogs

low carb, keto diet for dogs is powerful

The Keto Diet for Dogs

I used to think this: Humans eat keto. Dogs should too.

But looking at dogs’ surplus of mitochondria and endurance super powers, I think I had it backwards.

Your dog should definitely eat keto. And you, the human, should strongly consider it.

Your dog is a super athlete. And you should feed them like one.   

Feed yor dog low carb, keto food

This dog is a super athlete

This dog is a super athlete

This dog is ALSO a super athlete

Dogs thrive on fat.

They transport it efficiently. And they have a surplus of mitochondria to convert it into energy.

This isn’t by accident.

So whether you make your dog’s food at home or buy it directly from us - we think you’re doing an AMAZING thing by feeding your dog a low carb, keto diet!

In fact…we think you’re giving them a FAT advantage :)


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