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The New Food Pyramid

Here’s the truth - we’ve all been lied to.

Growing up, we’re told a lot of things that just aren’t true. Things like Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny, or the idea that our 3 most plausible career paths are astronaut, basketball player, and race-car driver.

A big part of growing up is deciding what information to keep, and what information to dismiss - because it’s either not true or no longer useful.

And while most people do a great job of dismissing Santa Claus, there are still some insidious myths that survive (and thrive) in adult society. And perhaps the most damaging of all childhood mythologies is this…

The Food Pyramid.

usda food pyramid

At first glance, it looks alright.

The colors are bright. The foods are bountiful. And the priority certainly agrees with our taste buds. I mean...who wouldn’t want to snack on bread and cereal all day and feel good about that choice?!

But here’s the bad news…

It’s not just wrong - it's dangerous.

Every day, more and more studies support the idea that an optimal diet is one that is high in fat and protein, and very low in digestible carbohydrates

You can read a selection of these studies by clicking here. And if you read those studies, you'll see that the science is clear: humans should be powered by fat and protein - not carbs. And the same goes for our dogs. 

low carb keto dog food

But how much fat and protein is optimal? That is the question.

If protein is too low, your dog can’t build and maintain proper lean muscle mass. If protein is too high, your dog will miss out on the myriad of benefits that come from maintaining nutritional ketosis. 

It’s an important question, and one that the current food pyramid does nothing to address. So...we made a new food pyramid!

Our new food pyramid takes into account the reality of pet nutrition - and helps all pet parents give their best friend the lifelong benefits of an optimal diet. 

We're proud to introduce...

The Enlightened Pyramid of Canine Nutrition.

enlightened food pyramid of canine nutrition

As you can see, dogs should eat a diet that is high in fat, moderate in protein, and very low in digestible carbs as a percentage of total calories. 

This allows your dog to build and maintain lean muscle mass while still enjoying the benefits of circulating ketone bodies. And most importantly, it eliminates the chronic inflammation and other negative metabolic effects that result from a diet that is high in digestible carbs.

Whether you make your dog’s food at home, or feed our low carb, keto dry food - we encourage you to use our new food pyramid to guide your dog’s path to nutritional enlightenment.

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  • Sorry my mistake, boos pulled this up not realizing it was for pets!

  • This is by far the worst food pyramid I have seen, just terrible. Is it your goal to make people as unhealthy as possible???

  • The nutritional info on the packaging does not match this amount of fat versus protein, and the keto pet site says if using this food to add fat, but not how much. Can you provide guidance on how much fat to add to your products to get a dog into ketosis?


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