Ketogenic Dog Food

Is your ketogenic dog food the same recipe that is fed at KetoPet?

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Our products and formulations are based on the exact recipes fed and validated by the KetoPet team. We work extensively with KetoPet to develop and validate all of our products - to ensure that our recipes meet their stringent nutritional standards.

Why should I feed my dog a low carbohydrate diet?

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Dogs should be powered by fat and protein - not carbs. Many pet parents choose to feed low carb diets for the same reason they eat a low carb diet themselves – they care about health. In humans, low carbohydrate diets have been shown to lower blood glucose and reduce inflammation.

Isn’t fiber considered a carbohydrate? Visionary meals contain fiber.

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Fiber is a carbohydrate, but it is not digestible – meaning it does not break down to sugar and instead passes through your body undigested. Therefore, fiber does not impact your dog’s blood sugar.

Ketogenic diets take into account net carbs rather than total carbs. You can calculate net carbs this way: Grams of total carbs – Grams of fiber = Net carbohydrates

Do people feed Visionary because it helps with allergies, skin issues, itchiness, or GI issues?

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Yes, many pet parents have report positive changes since switching to Visionary - including relief for skin issues, allergies, itchiness, and GI issues!

What kind of ingredients do you use?

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We are obsessed with optimal nutrition and only create products that we feed ourselves. We never use low-quality ingredients and we never add any digestible carbohydrates of any kind.

My cats steal my dog’s food. Is that ok?

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Yes! Many cat owners have reported that their cats love the food. However, we do not market any of our products as a commercial cat food.

Can I feed Visionary to my puppy?

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Yes! Our keto dry food is formulated to meet the needs of dogs of all life stages - so your dog can be a Visionary pet for life! We recommend our frozen and freeze-dried products to all dogs over 6 months old.

Is your dog food grain-free?

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Grain-free is a broad term that describes one aspect of a food (the lack of grains), but tells you nothing about the overall nutritional quality of the diet. Some grain-free foods are correlated with heart problems like dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) because they use inferior protein sources like pea or soy protein.


These protein sources are very low in taurine, an essential amino acid. A nutritional taurine deficiency has been implicated as the primary reason for the correlation between DCM and some grain-free diets. We actually wrote a blog on this very topic. If you’re interested, I’ve posted a link below.




All of our products are rich in taurine because all of our products are mostly meat. We never add cheap protein sources like pea or soy, and we never add carbs or fillers of any kind.

Does grain-free mean gluten-free?

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Grain-free doesn't necessarily always mean gluten-free. But in the case of our grain-free dog food...Yes! Our dog food is gluten-free.

Is grain-free dog food healthier than regular dog food?

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Dogs should be powered by fat and protein - not carbs. Our food is grain-free because we don't add any carbs or fillers of any kind. We don't use common (and unncessary) additives like grains, legumes, peas, or lentils.

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