Ketogenic Dog Food

Is your ketogenic dog food the same recipe that is fed at KetoPet?

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Yes, our recipe is the exact formulation fed at KetoPet. KetoPet now exclusively feeds Visionary thanks to our direct food donations.

Why should I feed my dog a low carbohydrate diet?

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Many pet parents choose to feed low carb diets for the same reason they eat a low carb diet themselves – they care about health. In humans, low carbohydrate diets have been shown to lower blood glucose and reduce inflammation.

Isn’t fiber considered a carbohydrate? Visionary meals contain fiber.

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Fiber is a carbohydrate, but it is not digestible – meaning it does not break down to sugar and instead passes through your body undigested. Therefore, fiber does not impact your dog’s blood sugar.

Ketogenic diets take into account net carbs rather than total carbs. You can calculate net carbs this way: Grams of total carbs – Grams of fiber = Net carbohydrates

Why is Visionary dog food raw?

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Cooking with high heat can damage or peroxidize fats. Evidence suggests that this may increase a dog’s risk of developing pancreatitis. Our recommendation to feed raw is based on the nutrition protocol used at KetoPet – where dogs were fed raw, ketogenic diets with no observed cases of pancreatitis.

Do some people feed Visionary because it helps with GI issues?

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Yes, many pet parents have reported that switching to Valiant has improved their dog’s GI issues.

What kind of ingredients do you use?

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We only use human-grade ingredients. This means we use the same quality ingredients that you would eat yourself. 

My cats steal my dog’s food. Is that ok?

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Yes! Many cat owners have reported that their cats love the food. However, we don’t recommend purchasing Visionary as a daily cat food.

Can I feed Visionary to my puppy?

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We recommend Visionary Pet Food to all dogs over 6 months old.

Why does your food contain calcium and zinc?

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Both humans and dogs require these important minerals for optimal health. We only use human-grade, naturally sourced calcium carbonate and zinc amino acid chelate in our formulations.

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