Protection for ALL Animals

How did animal cruelty laws help establish child protection measures in America? Read on to learn the full story.

Freedom from Carbs!

It’s clear that all dogs deserve the five essential freedoms. But Visionary Pet Parents know there’s one HUGLEY impor...

We Feed Less. You Should Too.

There’s only one thing separating your dog from poor health and disease. YOU. That’s right. When it comes to nutritio...

My Dog Won’t Eat…And That’s OK!

It’s meal time! And you’ve got a juicy keto beef patty ready for your pup. You take it out, place it in your dog’s bo...

What is Ketosis?

Confused by Ketones, Ketosis, Ketogenic Diet, Keto?  Fear Not! Kent, C, Kesl SL, ...

Huckleberry, the Keto Dog

A Keto Dog Transfor...

Gertie's Keto Story

Gertie, the English Bulldog  Visionary Pet Foods    I invite you to read this wonderful success ...

Sommer's Summer - An Update!

I am writing to update you on Sommer's Keto Journey. Yesterday, she hit the 120 day ketosis mark and I know we couldn...

Sommer's Keto Jou

What are we really all about here at Visionary Pet? – We are a group of nutrition geeks who believe in their hearts t...

The Inspiration Behind Visionary Pet

For the past six years KetoPet has been validating just how powerful ketogenic diets are in positively impacting dog'...
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